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Gymnastics (Fall 2017)
Age Range: 3-5-years, 4-6-years, 5-7-years, 7-9-years, 8-12-years
September 11, 2017- January 27, 2018
Considered the “mother of all sports,” gymnastics will help your child gain core strength, upper and lower body strength, flexibility, agility, balance and confidence. Children will follow a skills progression based on their ability level, ranging from forward and backward rolls, to handstands and walkovers. All of the equipment ...
Summer 2017 Gymnastics
Age Range: 17-months-2-years, 2-3-years, 2-5-4, 3-5-years, 4-6-years, 5-7-years
June 6- August 24
$360 for 12-week session
$160 for 5 consecutive weeks
$250 for any 7 classes (scheduled in advance)
Click here: Summer Gymnastics Schedule 2017
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Mini Gym (Fall 2017)
Age Range: 2-5-4
September 11, 2017 – January 27, 2018
This is for children who are ready to make the switch from adult-participation classes to going in the gym all by themselves. These classes are 40 minutes. Coaches will build on the gymnastics positions and skills children already know and begin to introduce fundamental routines like forward and ...
Tiny Tot Fitness (Fall 2017)
Age Range: 10-17-months, 17-months-2-years, 2-3-years, 20-months-2-years, 6-12-months
September 11, 2017-January 27, 2018
This adult-participation program allows children to explore a new space and new equipment with the comfort of a parent or caregiver by their side. Children will have the chance to use all the gymnastics equipment our 2,500 sq ft studio has to offer (beams, bars, rings, trampoline, tumbling mats), and ...