Terms & Conditions

Students are entitled to two make-up classes per session. Make-ups must be scheduled in advance and used during the current session. Make-ups can be cancelled until 9am the day of the scheduled make-up. Should you choose not to attend or do not cancel by the proper time, you will forfeit that make-up class. Make-ups cannot be scheduled during the medal/certificate week for all classes. You will not be reimbursed for missed classes.

Students will be refunded the full amount of classes less a $60 cancellation fee and the cost of classes that have already taken place if the student withdraws within the first two weeks of the session. After two weeks, no refunds will be granted. Columbus Gym will hold a non-transferable credit in the amount of the pro-rated classes remaining for use during the next session if you withdraw after two weeks.

I authorize that Columbus Pre School and Gym has the right to use photographs or videos taken of my child or me during camp/leagues/classes, etc. for advertising or promotional material. Columbus Gym will not use your child’s name in any material produced.

I certify that this enrollee has no condition that prohibits full participation in activities at Columbus Gym. I assume all ordinary risks when using the facilities and hereby release Columbus Gym, or any of its instructors, employees for any injury or damage suffered in connection with said use of the aforementioned equipment, instructors and facilities. In case of emergency and I (the above-signed) cannot be reached, I authorize Columbus Gym, its agents and employees to contact and secure if necessary medical attention for my child.

By using our website and services you comply with the rules and regulations described on this page.